Wat is er te doen op Scheveningen? Of je nou op Scheveningen woont of voor een dagje naar Scheveningen komt. Wij hebben tips! Hier vind je 365 dagen per jaar Scheveningen op z'n leukst!

English Mindful Run Course

The official national 5 sessions (in 5 weeks) course in Mindful Run, with start and finish at the playground in the Westbroekpark, The Hague. The entire month of June, so. For Dutch and non-Dutch, an international get-together! Mindfulness linked with playfulness, exercize linked with life experience. Light intensity: after every 200 m with a specific exercize and at your own pace) an exercize in awareness.

More mindful moments throughout the day. More feeling and more compassion in many ways. Natural movement, following nature in many ways. Breathe easier and better more frequently, especially in times of stress. Allow yourself to pause more often. Links with daily life ... :)

Each session is followed by an email with suggestions for the rest of your week. Mileage and speed are not the goal, enjoying the moment and personal physical and mental freedom is. How to listen to your body better? How to discover The Hague's beauty in an original way: a most natural way! Miss a session? Join other start places in 2017. Never worry.

Cost: 5 sessions cost, like everywhere in Holland, 95 euro
– your 95 euros are deductable from any 2017 Keep Alive Tours-week in Sardinia!
– after the 5 sessions (and after writing a review :) you are welcome at half price in 2017 on any Mindful Run event or course in The Hague.

Start date and time:
Thursday 1 June 2017, from 19.30 to 21.00h
Duration: 5 weeks.
Start location: playground in the Westbroekpark.
More info: info@mindfulrundenhaag.nl